Why Certification


Get Certified to Excel

Dwindling budgets…Increasing demand for efficiency…Competitors with rival products…If it feels like the business landscape is shifting beneath your feet, then it’s time to stand your ground with Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager certification from AIPMM.

The ability to establish and maintain a clear competitive edge for both yourself and your products is a prerequisite for success in today’s turbulent economy – and through certification with AIPMM, you will not only gain the necessary knowledge and industry insight you need, but you’ll also have the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency to your colleagues and competitors.

Developed to focus on interdisciplinary best practices, AIPMM’s Certified Product Manager and Certified Product Marketing Manager program breaks through industry barriers to set the standard with proven methods and processes. Through your participation, you will cultivate core thinking and skill sets that can be applied to any product at any time during any phase of the product life cycle. The result? Instead of relying upon static methodologies, your company will rely upon you.

With AIPMM Certification, You Will:

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical product management and product marketing management, including underlying concepts, principles and terminology

Evaluate and implement every aspect of product management and product marketing management strategy, including:

  • New product development though product elimination
  • Start-up companies through established organizations